A developer has proposed two new apartment buildings at the corner of Elizabeth Place and Starnes Avenue. Each building would have 11 apartments and be 8850 sq. ft. for a total size of 19,700 sq. ft.


The development would be inside the Historic District on Elizabeth Place, a residential street. Approval of this project could open the way for similar projects in Montford.

Previous reports said that the development was on Broadway, outside of the Historic District. Then we were told that it was partly inside the District and partly outside. Neither is true. The proposed development is inside the Historic District. The site map shows the actual location.

The buildings appear to be in the path of the proposed extension of the Reed Creek Greenway.

The HRC seems to be on track to approve this project. If they do, they will lose all credibility in their petty refusal to allow homeowners to replace leaky windows, screen their porches, etc.

The Historic Resources Commission (HRC) will decide whether to approve the project or not at a meeting on Wednesday, October 9th, at 4PM in the North Conference Room on the 1st floor of the City Building (70 Court Plaza). Please attend!  

Our Neighbors Need Our Help

What do you see when you look out your front door? Most of us in Montford see the houses across the street with their landscaping quirks, and with luck, trees.


If this development is not stopped, very soon several of our neighbors will see years of construction, along with noise pollution  and dust in the air. Every time a project like this is built, we see the runoff in Reed Creek. When the construction is over, our neighbors will look out on not one but two apartment buildings, seeing their residential neighborhood being transformed to an extension of downtown.

We should help our neighbors stop this project for our benefit as well as theirs. If a developer can buy up enough lots to build two apartment buildings on your street, this precedent says the HRC will not stop them. Help stop over-development!

Our neighbors on Elizabeth Place and Starnes will be directly impacted by this development. Please sign the petition, contact your City Council members, and attend the meeting on Wednesday, September 11th, at 4PM.

Yard signs


If you want one just email us your name and address and we'll place one in your yard.

You can help by distributing our leaflet to your neighbors.

Click HERE to download a pdf.